Stay Connected While Working Remotely

laptop beside notebook and coffee mugWorking remotely has become increasingly common, and often considered a major perk to those who can do their work via computer and appreciate the flexibility telecommuting affords them.

But – because there are certain things you miss out on when you’re not actually going in to an office, it’s important to mend those gaps if you want to succeed in your career.

The overarching theme? Connectedness. Sure, there’s email, but back and forth email conversations can be very inefficient and too much gets lost in translation. Anyone knows the best way to get a quick yet thorough answer when working together on a project is to walk over to your colleague’s desk and ask. You don’t have that luxury when working remotely, but there are other, better, options than just email.

Here’s a list of tools and actions to improve communication and make you feel more connected to your workplace.

  1. Chat such as Skype, Google Talk or AIM. They’re much quicker and more like a conversation than email.
  2. The phone. A real voice ensures less gets lost in translation. It’s not as good as face-to-face, but it’s better than email.
  3. Go in to the office. Sure, you’re working from home or a coffee shop, but you still need to put a face to your name. Join the team for after-work social events, stop by for coffee, and show up for meetings when you can.

Besides doing great work, it’s important to stay connected. You’ll bond with your coworkers as well as further your career by being truly present.

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