Habits that make you smarter.

Just as a workout exercises your muscles and heart, certain activities exercise and improve your brain power. Make the below tips a habit, and you’ll become a smarter person.

Get rid of cable and deactivate Facebook.

Okay, we know that may seem a bit extreme. Especially since sitting down to watch The Bachelorette is a guilty pleasure that brings you a lot of joy. And as for Facebook, well now that’s going just a bit too far. After all, we use it ourselves and it and other social channels certainly have their virtues, like helping us communicate in a more personal and responsive manner with our employees, clients, and job candidates.

But cable and social media are also time wasters. What would happen if you got rid of them altogether? At first, you’d probably miss them. You might get bored at 8:00pm and wonder what in the world to do with yourself. After a few nights or weeks of this, you might start to replace that time with something more soul-enriching – like reading a book on a topic that interests you, thinking about ways to further your career, or spending time on a hobby while listening to music instead of commercials. In other words, you might get used to doing things for relaxation that make you a smarter, more interesting person.

Speaking of reading – it’s proven that reading literally makes you smarter. Watching TV does not. So turn off the TV (see above) and pick up a book – if your goal is to become smarter, that is.

Take stock of what you learned each day.

Take 5 or 10 minutes before you go to bed to reflect on any lessons you gained from the day. Maybe you got some feedback at work. Maybe you observed someone else doing something well. Write these lessons down if you like, or simply acknowledge them. If you don’t, many of the day’s lessons staring you in the face will simply go unnoticed and then forgotten. Why give up all this opportunity for growth?

Remember birds of a feather.

Spend time with people you admire and aspire to be like in some way. You’ll become one of them.

Teach others.

While you’re learning from others, you can return the favor by taking the time to mentor others. Whether you’re teaching job skills or something else, it’s proven that when you have to actually explain something to someone else, you must possess a true understanding of it yourself. Sometimes, in the process of trying to explain it, that’s when it actually really sinks in for you. Making you all the more knowledgeable.

Try new things.

If you get too comfortable, you stop being challenged. To continue to grow, you must place yourself in new situations where you’re always learning. Take on new and different projects at work. Consider a new job if the one you’re in does not afford you opportunities to be uncomfortable, in a good way. Take an evening class – something totally different that you never would have considered before, but that interests you. Or join a meet-up and learn a new hobby. These times when you’re out of your comfort zone are when you become smarter.

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