Why a Bad Job Isn’t So Bad

Pam from The OfficeThere’s a reason The Office – with its overbearing boss, strange coworkers, and dull cubicles – was so relatable. Most of us have at one point or another been in a job we didn’t like.

Maybe it was a bad boss, low pay, or unfulfilling work that made us hate it. But we’ve all been there.

The trouble with having a job you don’t like, besides, well, the obvious, is that we can sometimes lose sight of one very important detail: it’s temporary.

In other words, a bad job isn’t a reflection of who you are, who you’ll be, and what you’ll accomplish over the span of your long career. It’s simply a stepping stone to something more. With that said, let’s talk about the very wonderful benefits – yes, wonderful benefits – of working a job you don’t like.

Free time to pursue your passion. If your current job isn’t relevant to what you’d like to be doing, chances are the work is a bit mindless, the sort of thing you leave at the door and don’t pick back up until you clock in at 9:00am. A day job is very different from one you’re passionate about, which can consume your thoughts 24-7. In other words, all that matters is that you get the job done. The truth is, this sort of work can be liberating. It frees you up to pour your focus and energy into your true passion. Enjoy this time. Soon enough you’ll be working a more meaningful, but probably more demanding, job.

It builds character. If you’re working a job that carries less prestige than you’re accustomed to, that’s humbling. Be kind to the people you work with and learn from them while you’re there. And when you leave, perhaps you’ll never look at the person taking your order in the drive through quite the same way again. This is you becoming a better, more compassionate, humbler person.

You’ll learn the secret to true happiness. A refreshing walk outside on a cool Fall morning. A kind word or smile exchanged between you and another person. Changing into comfy sweats and reading a novel in bed at the end of a work day. These are the little things no one can take away, and noticing and absorbing them (aka, living in the moment) is the secret to remaining happy regardless of career, financial, or other circumstances subject to change.

Just remember, this time is a blip on the horizon and everyone experiences bad jobs. Keeping this knowledge front of mind can help you actually enjoy yourself. You may very well look back on the time fondly.

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