How to go to bed happy. Promise this trick works.

handwritten scheduleWhat makes you feel good at the end of the day?

Ask most people, and they’ll say they feel most at peace if they’ve been productive, having filled their day with hard work, accomplishment, and very importantly, the little things that make them happy.

Days like this sometimes just happen, but you don’t usually get that lucky.  An unexpected request from a client, a full inbox, commute traffic, or even your toddler can all have a way of taking control over your day so that you’re no longer steering your own ship. When you’re not steering your own ship, your day will run away from you and by the end of it, you’ll find you’ve accomplished nothing but worry and left no time for the little things that you look forward to – like a workout, lunch with a friend, or even playtime with your kids.

You can’t always control what happens of course. But there’s a secret to hugely increasing the odds your day will go smoothly. And it’s so simple.

Loosely schedule your day the night before.

That’s it.

Warning: Do not try to do this in the morning! It must be done the night before, so that from the time you wake up you know exactly what to do.

A schedule should take about 5 to 10 minutes. It might look like this.

  • 6:00am – 3-mile run
  • Give kids breakfast (fruit, cereal)
  • Shower
  • Call Sallie about UX wireframes on way to work
  • 9:00am – meeting about X project
  • 10:00am – coffee run with Jan
  • 10:20am-1pm – craft presentation for X client
  • Lunch with team (depending on presentation progress)
  • 2-3pm – catch up on email
  • 3pm – team brainstorming session for project Y
  • 4pm – post-brainstorming independent work to flesh out ideas
  • 5:30pm – email ideas to George
  • Train ride home – either relax and read book or continue working (depending on progress)
  • 7:00pm Jones family coming over to grill in backyard

This schedule is just a hypothetical one of course. Every person’s daily responsibilities, goals, and ideas of fun vary greatly. You may have no kids or five. You may require daily meditation, exercise, or a simple t.v. show. You may have a day job that leaves evenings open to pursue your true passion. Whatever your scenario, create a plan to make it unfold ideally.

The actual “morning of” it may have to be adjusted because things come up. But the important thing is having a plan!!  You know what you have to do. So there’s no need to waste time trying to figure that out. What happens if you have to waste time trying to figure it out? Someone else will tell you what to do with that time before you figure out what YOU need to do (that someone may be a co-worker, client, boss, or even your kids – okay, especially your kids).

This is a tried and true method for staying on track. You’ll have your eye on your goals, and the steps that must be taken to achieve them. You know very well that “caught in the line of fire” isn’t the time to step back and evaluate. Get ahead of your day by planning it – with flexibility in mind – the night before.

Then, go to bed feeling accomplished. And happy. 🙂

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