Employers Use Your Social Profiles to Aid Hiring Decisions

brand yourself with social mediaDid you know that half of employers who perform internet searches on potential candidates, reject candidates because of social media posts?  This is according to a new CareerBuilder survey, and reported here. The survey found that 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, up 39% from last year and 36% in 2012.  And 51% of those employers will reject candidates because of their social profiles or posts.

Sort of makes you want to take another look at the content you put on the web, right?

But what are the things that cause these employers to pass on a candidate?

  1. Inappropriate photographs
  2. Posts about drinking or using drugs
  3. Speaking poorly about a previous employer or coworker
  4. Poor communication skills
  5. Discriminatory comments

In other words, things people with common sense don’t post on their social channels. Especially people looking for a job.

Besides, there’s a flip side to all this. While what you post online can prevent you from getting a job, it can also help get you hired.

What gets you hired?

  • Giving employers a good feel for your personality
  • Background information that supports job qualifications
  • Conveying a professional image through your photos
  • Appearing well-rounded and displaying a wide range of interests
  • Great communication skills

If you enjoy social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, or a blog, don’t forget to make these channels work for your career, too!

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