Good Reason to Take Vacation

urlSummer has more than arrived (though a bit late this year). If lugging your laptop and bags to work, wearing heels or a suit, in 90-degree weather doesn’t make you long for someplace tropical, nothing will.

But, in case you need more excuse to take a vacation, here are a few good reasons why you should.

You’ll be more productive, not less. A study by Ernst & Young found that every ten hours of vacation time actually taken by an employee boosted that employee’s yearly performance rating by 8 percent, and lowered turnover. And NASA scientists found people who take vacation experience an 82 percent productivity increase upon return.

You’ve earned it. Not only are we more efficient at work, we are also working longer hours as a nation. Productivity increased by nearly 25% between 2000 and 2012. There’s no reason not to take some time each year to smell the roses, if you can.

Even if you don’t go anywhere, a stay-cation is a wonderful opportunity to quality spend time with family and catch up on sleep. And it seems we’re in need.

Some people argue vacation is a job creator.

Three quarters of American employees don’t use all their vacation time. Don’t be part of this dismal statistic! :-)

Europeans enjoy starting jobs with 6 weeks of vacation per year. And they don’t feel guilty about it. Life is short. Take your vacation. With a grateful smile of course.

Finally, according to this little study (see below infographic), the biggest regret workers had about vacation time wasn’t the work they missed, but that they didn’t take enough.


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