In Celebration of Working Fathers

working dadWe often hear about working mom challenges, and those challenges are very real. Many have to do with the never-ending puzzle that is: how to give 100% both at work and at home.

And as the burden of bread-winning is increasingly shared and even assumed by mothers, many fathers are compensating by taking on more of the home and child-raising duties.

With Father’s Day this Sunday, let’s take a moment to appreciate working fathers – whether they go in to an office, stay home with their children, or both. They’re pretty amazing, to do all that’s required to keep the ship sailing smoothly at work and at home.

Redefining dad

A recent study by the Boston College Center for Work & Family found that most fathers, in particular those under 40, have moved away from the traditional “breadwinner” role and consider themselves responsible for both the financial and emotional needs of their families.  In short, men have redefined what it means to be a dad.

Men are attempting to excel at their careers, while being there in more ways than ever for their families.  That’s no easy task (as working moms well know).

We’re a long way from equilibrium. For example, it can be difficult for fathers to balance home life without feeling they’ll dead-end their career. Yet companies are slowly responding to support the new household dynamic, with increased paternity leave, shorter and more efficient work schedules, and increased flexibility. And they’ll continue to do so, as long as it’s what talent demands.

Whether you consider yourself a “traditional breadwinner,” a stay-at-home-dad, or a “redefined dad” – we’re grateful for good fathers. Happy Father’s Day.

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