Rate My Boss

ratemybossRemember those websites you turned to back in college, to rate and/or read other students’ reviews of professors? These sites were quite helpful in helping you select classes, or simply know what to expect from the professor.  For example, a subject you wouldn’t normally consider can become your favorite, when its professor is gifted and inspirational.

Similarly, your boss plays an important role in your work experience.  A good boss can be one of the reasons you wake up each morning ready to come to work.  Likewise, a bad one can make you dread it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a realistic idea, beyond a few short interviews, what sort of person you’d be working for should you accept a job offer?

The new RateMyBoss.com aims to allow you to do just that.  Created by the former RateMyProfessors.com, as a venture into the staffing industry, the site allows employees to anonymously review their bosses.

Of course, the company will need to be thoughtful in how it handles people’s reputations, lest they be wrongly put at risk by disgruntled employees.  At its best, the site could reveal truly wonderful bosses – the kind who mentor, lead by example, and inspire.

We’re curious. Do you, or have you had, a boss who deserves a glowing review?

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