In-Demand Degree, Yet No Post-Graduation Job Lined Up

job-graduateA just-released 2014 AfterCollege Career Insights Survey revealed that 83% of responding graduating seniors didn’t have a job lined up yet. The surprising thing is that this statistic applies to even those graduates with in-demand degrees like engineering, math, technology, and business.

The demand is there. The problem? They’re just not looking hard enough. According to Michael Price, author of “What’s Next? The Millennial’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Real World,” many graduates simply post their resumes on job sites and hope the phone rings.

What should they be doing instead?

A couple of things. First, he suggests bypassing online job applications where your resume is likely to get lost amid thousands of applicants, and instead choosing the company and department you want to work for and contacting those people directly. Excellent advice, except it’s probably best to go ahead and apply online for any posted position that interests you just to be thorough and cover all your bases. Second…

Enlist the help of a staffing agency.

Price also suggests working with staffing agencies, whose job it is to play matchmaker and can make the process much smoother and more effective.

In this market, with some effort and initiative, there’s little reason a STEM graduate should go without a job.


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