Archive | May, 2014

What Not to Ask

We don’t know which is worse – not asking any questions of your potential employer at the end of an interview, or asking one of these (also listed below). ☺ • What does your company do? • What will my salary be? • Will I have to work long hours? • How soon can I […]

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In-Demand Degree, Yet No Post-Graduation Job Lined Up

A just-released 2014 AfterCollege Career Insights Survey revealed that 83% of responding graduating seniors didn’t have a job lined up yet. The surprising thing is that this statistic applies to even those graduates with in-demand degrees like engineering, math, technology, and business. The demand is there. The problem? They’re just not looking hard enough. According […]

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How cautious should you be when hiring summer interns?

We’re rapidly approaching the summer season and with that comes an influx of college students applying for summer internships. Many employers find this time period appealing because of inexpensive or free labor that may now be an option. However, this particular option can present a multitude of problems which no employer wants to inherit. A […]

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