Do you really deserve to be recognized for your efforts at work?


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Employee Appreciation Day happens to be right around the corner on March 7th – do you feel as though you’re deserving of receiving recognition on this particular day?  Some employers are eager to give credit where credit is deserved, especially on this day. So, how do you garner this kind of recognition? And not just on March 7th, but during different times of the year as well?

Take on the day – From the minute you step foot in your work space it’s important to get in the mindset to work!  Some people like to start out their day by browsing through social media or top stories in the news – don’t fall into this routine.  Instead, make an effort to look over those things at home in the morning while having your first cup of coffee.  Getting a jump start in the morning on returning emails and looking over your agenda for the day is going to lead you towards the recognition you seek.

Follow through in meeting deadlines – It’s understandable that there will be certain occasions in which deadlines are pushed back or even done away with, but it’s crucial to ensure you try to complete the task assigned in the amount of time allotted, or even sooner.  This in turn, displays your level of dedication to the project as well as efficiency.  Think about “under promising” on a project timeline and “over-delivering” it – by getting it done sooner!

Expand your knowledge – Be proactive in learning different things within your field.  Make it a point to attend different conferences and opportunities that allow you to expand your knowledge.  If you feel as though you’ve remained stagnant in your position and overlooked in terms of progression within a company, it may be due to lack of involvement to expand your skill set.   Take the initiative to be proactive and the possibility of recognition and even growth are very plausible.

Be the first person in and last to leave – Nothing shows a greater amount of dedication to the job than putting in a full day’s work – and by full, I mean going the extra mile to devote yourself fully to your job.  The extra hours and time contributed to your work will not only display your level of enthusiasm about the job to your employer, but it’s also good way to improve your skills and better yourself.

Remember, being recognized and receiving accolades is never an easy feat and it shouldn’t be – knowledge, growth and advancement derives from hard work.  Take a step into the spot light and ensure you gain recognition on March 7th.

Does your overall performance reveal that you should be recognized on Employee Appreciation Day?


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