The Ultimate “Failure is Important” Story

success_through_failureYou may have heard about software engineer Jan Acton in the news recently.  Facebook just purchased his start-up company WhatsApp – for 19 billion dollars.  With a 20% stake in the company, Acton will pocket around 3 billion dollars himself, making him, of course, a billionaire.

But start-ups are purchased all the time, leaving their founders and investors quite wealthy.  What brings this story full circle is that a mere five years ago, Acton failed to receive a job offer he desperately wanted – from Facebook.  As well as from Twitter.  All we can say is, it must feel nice.  But this is more than a vindication story, though it is a really great one.  Acton’s story demonstrates perfectly that failure is crucial to success.  The failures we make along the way can either leave us defeated…or they can result in our working even harder, trying something new, and going on the even bigger successes.

Not all of us will become billionaires, but you can certainly achieve success at a level that may surprise you.

It also gives a recruiter pause.  Are we hiring the right people?  Passing over someone and in doing so making a big mistake?

We’re not saying Facebook should have hired Jan Acton back in 2009.  Maybe he simply wasn’t right for the job, and maybe they’re happy he was free to go on and produce WhatsApp which they now own.  After all, they were willing to pay for it.  Still, you have to wonder if they’re kicking themselves.

One thing is for sure – Jan Acton has no regrets about this particular failure.

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