Are College Grads Truly Prepared for a “Real Job?”

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Employers are searching for the optimal candidate to fill their positions and while they want to give recent college grads the opportunity to get their “feet wet,” there’s an enormous amount of hesitation. 

Why is there so much in question when determining if a recent college grad would be the right choice for your organization?  Isn’t the sole purpose of attending school to lead students down the path of success?

The problem employers are faced with is the reality that recent college grads are prepared in one aspect and not another; technical skills are considered a huge benefit to employers and for the most part, each college grad has acquired these skills during their four years of attendance.  On the other hand, soft skills are an asset that recent college grads do not acquire due to their lack of experience. 

An article in Fox Business refers to insight provided by Candice Olson, founder of professional boot camp The Fullbridge Program who states, “Soft skills have deteriorated more than hard skills in the view of CEOs and recruiters within companies.” 

“Soft skills include attitudes and behaviors that correlate highly with career success. They are what enable people with different skills sets and personality that make up an organization to work effectively together and without friction. They are essential,” says Olson.

College students need to expand their knowledge and skills by utilizing the opportunity of a paid or unpaid internship; this enables recent college grads to stand-out from the select applicants making them a more desirable candidate due to their experience within their chosen field.   

Employers rely heavily on the benefits of soft skills and unfortunately there is no “soft skills 101” offered on any college campuses.  These skills are learned in time through various situations in a career setting and are considered a gateway to a successful career. 

Are you a recent college grad?  What do you think about this? 

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