Recruiters, Don’t Leave Our Boomers Behind

Retirement is something everyone aspires to achieve at some point in their life.  Unfortunately today, retirement is like trying to achieve the impossible.  It’s a grim reality for a boomer to continue working because they can’t afford to not have a job.  For Boomers, getting their “hands dirty” and getting the job done no matter how many man hours were required, was not a foreign occurrence.   Hard work never fazed this particular generation, it was just expected.

The hard realization of working after the expectant retirement age for a boomer, is settling for a position they are overqualified for.  Feeling productive and enjoyment in these particular roles may be a very challenging task for a Boomer, which makes the reality of continuing to work that much harder.  They want the challenge of continuing to work in an environment they’ve worked in for over 30 years.  They’ve been robbed of retirement so why should we rob them of the opportunity to continue to work in a job they are qualified to do?

Millennials are part of a generation that is viewed as tech savvy and better equip in terms of their specific skill sets than a Boomer.  They are likely to be viewed as the more desirable candidate not only in terms of skill sets and abilities, but also compensation.

Employers need to give the Boomer a fighting chance.  Boomers have many desirable skills and years of experience which proves they can be just as efficient and capable as any other contender.  This generation has been trying to stay current and knowledgeable in this ever-changing world, which means they want to learn everything that is required of them in a particular role to ensure the job is done correctly.  Again, this is a generation that is not afraid to put every ounce of energy they embodied into hard work.  As a society we are unfortunately extremely biased, we continue to underestimate the capability of an individual based on age and that needs to change.

The state of unemployment, Milliennials and discrimination are disadvantages and challenges that seniors face today.  The long-awaited goal of retirement has been put on-hold for many Boomers.  For this particular generation, the golden years have since lost their luster and the struggle they’re facing is trying to stay afloat.

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One Response to “Recruiters, Don’t Leave Our Boomers Behind”

  1. Unfortunately you are right, we can’t afford to not have a job even if we are retired.

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