Set more Achievable Resolutions when you Ring in the New Year


Around this time every year people are eager to share what their New Year’s resolutions entail whether they are personal or work related.  For many people, brainstorming and sharing these goals proves to be much easier than actually carrying out their resolution(s).  Eagerness and persistence aren’t negative traits to possess, but set some goals for 2014 that you whole heartedly know you can achieve, that way your accomplishments speak solely for themselves.

First and foremost, ensure it’s a priority to dedicate yourself fully to your job every single day.  Fully comprehending the tasks that are expected of you will create a positive work experience and lead to an increase in productivity.  You ultimately make the final decision on whether or not you want to be successful and happy in your career. If you’re not happy, take the opportunity to give yourself a fresh start in the New Year by adjusting your attitude or making a career change.

Depending on the company, performance reviews can either take place on a quarterly or yearly basis.  Either way, it’s important for you not only professionally, but personally to evaluate your performance on a regular basis.  Make sure to keep track of your accomplishments, salary increases and improvements enabling you to grow professionally and personally.

Time management skills can prove to be very challenging for some.  Make sure to plan your day in segments and always remain organized.  Focusing and completing one task before moving on to another will help you gain more momentum allowing you to accomplish more within your day.

Lastly and most importantly, maintain a healthy work-life balance.  High levels of stress associated with work can certainly alter your personal life and vice versa.  Business Week confirms that employees who maintain a better work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don’t.  If you want to make improvements within this area, you always have the option of discussing different arrangements with your employer, like telecommuting.

2014 can be the year where the resolutions you generate can actually come to fruition, providing you’re setting attainable ones.  Setting yourself up for success in the New Year can prove to be challenging. However, if you remain consistent and follow through with the initial resolutions set, then 2014 has the potential of being a guaranteed success.

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