Are Baby Boomers a Millennial’s Worst Nightmare?

The 20 Differences Between The Baby Boomers And Generation-YA steady job is hard to come by in today’s workforce, but if you’re a Millennial this task is even more difficult.  Making the transition from a college campus to a corporate office is a struggle for more than one reason; inexperience along with a limited number of positions available in the job market makes it very difficult for a millennial to get their “feet wet.”  Inexperience is an issue that a Millennial can overcome eventually, but if Baby Boomers aren’t retiring what’s a Millennial to do?

Many ambitious Millennials walk into an interview with impressive accolades along with an internship or two completed and documented on their resume; still, employers desire to see more experience.  Employers are more “comfortable” hiring Gen Xers or Baby Boomers who have hands on experience to draw upon. This can create an impossible reality for a millennial to be successful.  So, how do you manage to get your feet wet if you’re never given the chance to get close to the pond?

A recent article in SFGATE by Andrew S. Ross, discussed a report out last Thursday that showed how Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials are doing in the labor market. The Millennials are unfortunately struggling the most:

— Close to 30 percent “had to move back home with their parents due to financial hardship after starting their careers.”

— They have the lowest levels of “job satisfaction” and “job meaning.”

— They most likely work at smaller (often lower paying) companies.

— They are least likely to be managing people (which may be a relief to some in the older age groups).

The retirement age is no longer 65; Boomers are waiting until around 68 to ensure they’re financially stable enough to take the leap into retirement. This obstacle, along with the state of the economy would drag any Millennial down.  As they impatiently wait for an employment opportunity to appear in order to start paying off those student loans, most Millennials become desperate and will ultimately result to accepting any position even if they’re over-qualified.

Adapting to this change may be the only hope a Millennial has to succeed.  Taking the opportunity to adjust your expectations and willingness to put your pride aside to start at the bottom and work your way to the top, may be the answer to getting out of your parents basement.

How do you feel about Baby Boomers delaying their exit from the workforce?

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