Employers are looking to staffing firms to fill the void


Employers have grown reliant on the assistance of staffing firms and they’re finding it a little more difficult to disregard all the benefits a staffing agency has to offer.  Tracking down top talent is somewhat of a difficult feat, especially when you lack the focus and time that’s required during the hiring process – a staffing firm is the best solution to solve this problem.

The American Staffing Association points out that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that staffing firms added 13,100 new jobs from July to August (up 0.5%). In a year-to-year comparison, temporary help employment for the month was 7.2% higher than in August 2012.  “While demand remains uneven in different sectors and in different regions of the country, staffing firms are generally more optimistic about increases in job growth over the balance of the year,” says Richard Wahlquist, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Staffing Association.

These numbers prove that more employers are seeking out staffing firms, but why?  Employers are learning more and more that temporary and contract workers in particular are the type of employee they’ve been overlooking, but now need in their businesses.  Here’s why:

  1. Quick Hire:  Utilizing a staffing agency to acquire a temp is a great solution if you don’t have the time or ability to dedicate to the hiring process.  Depending on the agency, screenings will be a requirement for the candidate selected for employment and it’s always a necessity to ensure this particular person meets your criteria as well.
  2. Bring in the reserves: Bringing in temporary workers can prevent and/or provide relief to those employees who feel overburdened or on the cusp of feeling burned out.  This not only provides a sense of support for your current employees, but it also eradicates the high costs related to overtime.
  3. Temp to Perm:  If you find yourself impressed with the temporary worker’s overall performance, you may have the option of hiring them on full-time.  The appeal is there because temporary employees are less likely to waste time and more inclined to display dedication to the job at hand.

Not enough time to sift through resumes and interview a dozen various applicants? Try turning to a staffing firm who you trust to provide a candidate who fits your requirements.


What’s holding your company back from utilizing the service of a staffing agency?

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