Is It Really That Difficult To Track Down Top Talent?


Successfully attaining dedicated and viable candidates in today’s marketplace may seem to be an impossible task.  Employers are constantly in search of the “perfect” candidate, but does this seemingly flawless individual actually exist?  Truth be told, employers might be the ones to blame for the talent shortages that are present – or rather – lacking within their organizations.  Do employers have unrealistic expectations when it comes to searching for the right candidate?

With the state of the economy, there are a number of job-seekers who would be more than willing to attempt to mold themselves into what employers view as the “perfect” candidate.  Unfortunately, many of them are having a difficult time proving their dedicated work ethic because employers are unwilling to give them a chance due to things like a person’s unemployment status, which unfortunately in today’s world has plagued a number of hard-working Americans.  Employers are much more inclined to consider candidates who are currently employed, but don’t assume this means you’re on the books for an interview.

There is a real misconception that exists in some hiring managers that believe they will find every single element provided on a job description present in one particular person.  Employers should consider training a candidate whom they believe would have the ability to successfully excel in the position.  Employers will be surprised to find that taking this route might prove to be more successful than continually searching and holding out for the perfect candidate.

Sometimes hiring managers fear the unknown of what outside candidates have to offer and as a result they drag their feet during the entire hiring process.  In order to keep this process as quick and painless as possible, there’s always the option of hiring within an organization – the possibility of training that particular employee is very probable, but they were kept around for a reason, right? Their performance and dedication in their previous position has proven successful and will in turn have a high likelihood of success in the next opportunity.

Employers struggle to find the “perfect” candidate due to the fact that it’s hard to track down a person that fits all the criteria necessary for a specific job.  Instead, the focus needs to be directed towards training individuals who have the potential to be successful.  Employers have the ability to gain employees who can take their organization to the next level; however, if a candidate never has the opportunity of being considered due to missing skills on their resume, than an employer passes up the opportunity for his/her organization to achieve greatness.

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