Retiring The Traditional Resume, Is It an Option?

resume and LinkedIn

Getting used to change is one of the hardest things to face in an ever-changing world – that being said, should we consider perfecting, or potentially getting rid of something like the resume which has been widely viewed as a staple to job seekers?

Resumes have played a vital role in the hiring process for years.  Employers have relied on this single piece of paper as a guide to find the right candidate – simple misspellings, to an even more grievous mistake like false representation on your resume, can send it sailing right towards the nearest trash can.  It’s hard to believe that this fundamental tool could be headed for extinction, or is it?

The biggest contender for the traditional resume is LinkedIn and could present a threat to its future existence.  Recruiters find that they can locate and determine if someone is right for a position in one fail swoop when viewing a professional networking site like LinkedIn.

Creating a strong presence on LinkedIn is necessary and allows you to display influencers and endorsements of your value and worth – you won’t find these elements listed on a resume – which is the primary reason to make it visible on professional networking sites.  Even with all the information provided on LinkedIn, a candidate will still be asked to provide a copy of their resume.

While attending a job fair, it’s common for job seekers to hand out several resumes; in this particular instance, it would be difficult to replace the resume – potential employers might look at you sideways if you instead, handed them a sheet of paper with only your LinkedIn URL.  However, you do have the option of including your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume, which is becoming a customary piece to include in your resume header.  If you don’t choose to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume, you can almost be certain a hiring manager will find a way to discover you on LinkedIn.

When it’s all said and done, both professional networking sites, as well as resumes have become a necessary part of the hiring process.  Even though we might consider professional networking sites like LinkedIn to be a more current substitute, the traditional resume has found a way of sticking around.  We’re not quite ready to take the leap into an unfamiliar future where the resume is no longer used as a resource.

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