Are You Putting On The Pounds While On The Job?


Typically, a forty hour workweek filled with an incessant amount of sitting, staring at a computer screen and snacking is not considered the healthiest of lifestyles.  Creating a healthier way of living is not all that easy when there’s a limited amount of time in a set routine.  We have conditioned ourselves into believing that our schedule couldn’t possibly allow for any additional activities. However, have we created this reality as an excuse to avoid eating better and the hassle of exercise? If this is the case, then medication for high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure will become an imperative part of the rigid routine we’re so apt to follow.  Why not take an extra 30 minutes out of your day to instead, get healthy and avoid the doctor.

Reshma Adwar provided guidelines in MindBodyGreen that can steer you away from the toxic way of life you’ve been leading and direct you down a healthier path.

1. Ditch that morning (or afternoon) coffee: This can seriously affect your energy, concentration, and overall productivity and may make you crave more coffee just to keep up; this can, over time, lead to serious fatigue and dependency.  Drink water instead or eat an orange if you feel you need some extra energy. Plus, caffeine is a really strong irritant to the stomach, and it’s a diuretic, making you feel ick and dehydrated. Drinking coffee for some people is a reward for going to work-it’s part of their routine. In that case, opt for something else to take its place-like fruit.

2. Keep healthy snacks handy: Try to keep hummus, veggies, fruit, nuts, peanut butter, and whole wheat bread at the office. If you get to work super early and don’t have lunch until around 1, a little snack in between keeps his blood sugar levels stable so that at lunchtime you’re not ravenous. This helps control your portions at lunch and make better food choices (a healthy sandwich or salad versus a burger and fries). Also, try to eat a little snack at around 3 or 4 when the afternoon slump hits, keeping you energized and satiated until dinner. For those of you without the luxury of a fridge at work, a little planning goes a long way. Take a snack sized portion of something that won’t go bad- nuts in this case are great, as are whole fruits like apples, pears or bananas. Keep it as natural as you can.

3. Be mindful of your breakfast and lunch: Two fried eggs with bacon on a white roll is not exactly the breakfast of champions! If possible, seek out oatmeal for breakfast and top with berries, or try a veggie omelet, or even a green smoothie (just fruit and veggies-no sherbet or sugary fro-yo). As for lunch, it’s so easy these days to do a quick search of the healthier options in your area. If your cafeteria has a salad bar, try to load up on that. The best option, of course, is to bring food from home, but if you’re rushing out the door in the morning, choosing the healthier options at your local dining establishment or cafeteria is a great way to go!

4. Drink Water!: Staying hydrated can keep you energized and can prevent you from thinking you’re hungry when in fact you’re just thirsty.

5. Get up and move: Energy begets energy, so when you feel like you’re about to fall asleep, get up, take a walk, get some sunlight. Not only will your muscles thank you for it, but it will improve circulation, making you a little less tired. Also in this category: Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car further in the lot if you drive. Be fidgety. The more you move the less you stagnate the more energized you’ll be!

6. Set Goals: Another thing that can keep you energized and pumped for the workday is setting some goals for yourself. Knowing that you can check stuff off your list or that you accomplished certain tasks promotes satisfaction. This in turn can give you motivation to tackle your next goal, and so on.

There’s always going to be an excuse about why it’s inconvenient at the present time to avoid leading a healthier lifestyle.  In order to either shed pounds or avoid health risks you have to make the necessary changes within your schedule.  The consequences that result from a greasy hamburger, fries, and large soda at lunch, along with a very sedentary afternoon in front of a computer monitor can only lead to a problematic future.

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