Memorial Day Weekend Means Summer Work Hours Have Arrived…Well, For Some


The beach is awaiting all those spirited employees racing out of their offices Friday afternoon for a much-anticipated long weekend full of rest and relaxation.  A three-day weekend is a treat for most– the long-awaited excursion has been marked on the calendar and planned for months!  There’s much anticipation surrounding this holiday for more than one reason for some people, because now summer hours have finally arrived and three-day weekends are considered part of the “norm”.

Employees have discovered that working more hours Monday through Thursday is not actually all that disheartening if it means Friday morning is officially the start of the weekend.

According to an article in the WSJ, The Case For Cutting Out Early Friday, explains that in May 2012 “Thirty percent of companies said they planned to offer some form of summer hours, according to a poll of 228 public and private firms by the Corporate Executive Board, a business research and advisory firm.”

The article also stated, “Companies cited employee engagement as the top reason for implementing summer hours, followed by increased productivity. Cost savings and reduced turnover were minor considerations, the survey found.  Brian Kropp, a managing director at CEB, says many employers are offering shortened work weeks in lieu of meaty raises.”

Does this notion of a shorter workweek put employees in a better state mentally and physically so their inclined to be more productive within those four days?  The state of Utah instituted a four-day work week back in 2008 for most state employees, and research revealed that 79 percent of employees reported a positive experience with the four days a week/10 hours a day routine and 63 percent of the employees reported increased productivity, according to a recent article in workawesome.

Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer sun and work weeks filled with only 4 days for those select individuals.  The term “Happy Thursday” will have a whole different meaning for some who will take full advantage of those three days off.

For all those individuals who don’t have the option of summer hours, your Memorial Day vacation starts by planting your toes ever so slightly on the soft grains of sand while closing your eyes and listening to the sound of the waves crash into the rocks-during this moment remember when you return to work, it will already be Tuesday.

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