It’ll Cost You—Are People Scared to Negotiate Salary?

ku-xlargeThe Recession has created so much doubt and uncertainty for people that they no longer expect certain accolades, which were once offered in the past.  People fear requesting certain things like an increase in salary because they assume the next time they visit the mailroom they’ll have a pink slip awaiting them, and if that isn’t upsetting enough, a recent 22-year-old college graduate replacing them.   It’s possible that we’ve lived in fear for too long.  Have Americans completely lost that confidence? interviewed approximately 2,000 people confirming this alarming issue that Americans struggle with today; “37 percent of people always negotiate salary while 44 percent say they negotiate occasionally.  Just more than 18 percent–nearly one-fifth–of people we surveyed never negotiate their salaries. Ever. Which is surprising considering studies have shown an individual who fails to negotiate a first salary stands to miss out on more than $500,000 by age 60?” Most employers are expecting a candidate to try to negotiate. If you never ask you’ll never know!

Surprisingly, employees are much more inclined to negotiate their salary in the initial job offering than during a performance review.  “Only 12 percent of people make a point to always negotiate during a review, while a whopping 44 percent say they never bring up the subject of raises,” adds  If you’re presenting your employer with reasons why you’ve had a productive year and how your performance has improved, than asking for a raise should be a very easy task.

Many people today feel fortunate to even have a job, so inquiring about a raise can be worrisome for many.  The article provided by continues by stating, “Nearly half—48 percent–of respondents said they are always apprehensive when it comes to salary negotiations, with another 39 percent reporting they sometimes feel that way.  Only 13 percent claim to never get nervous regarding negotiations.”

Dedicated and hardworking individuals deserve the opportunity to be compensated for their commitment.  We can restore the confidence that Americans proudly once displayed, but in order to attain that once again you must boldly ask, or you’ll never know.

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