Does Creativity Have A Place In Job Descriptions?


When your day is filled with a countless number of deadlines that require completion, the last thing on your mind is writing job descriptions, much less job descriptions that entail eye-catching creative material.  For the most part, job descriptions are generic and relatively cookie-cutter; seeing any form of creativity is a rarity.  Many people assume job descriptions should be written with a professional tone, which is accurate, but you can draw the attention of job seekers a little easier if yours stands out from the rest.

A recent article provided by, A job Listing Should Be Like A Love Letter, explains that an exceptional job posting is a personal letter to one person.  Write a generic description, and you’ll attract a generic person—thus, you need to communicate to the one person you truly desire in a way that makes him or her long to be part of your team.  The best tactic is to relay a message that reads, “”We don’t know you yet, but we know you will love this job.”

The article asks you to provide answers to these specific questions in order to create a job listing that will attract the candidate you desire:

  1. What is the real business need the right person will solve?
  2. How will we quantitatively measure success so we can recognize a top performer?
  3. What are the common attributes of our top performers –hard skills, soft skills and what do they do in their free time?
  4. Why would the right person want this job?

Interestingly enough, in an article provided by, the author Emily Bloom herself, revealed very telling results through posting one job twice on Craigslist–one was your average uninspiring job description, while the other was creatively written.  The results were astonishing:

9/11/07 Straight job description: about 100 applicants in 1 week

  • 75% gave standard response
  • 25% gave less than standard response

9/19/07 Inspiring letter: about 80 applicants in 1 week

  • 50% gave 2-5 paragraph personalized letter and resume

–about half of these made an additional creative gesture

  • 40% gave standard response
  • 10 % gave less than standard response

Your average, generic and uninspiring job description is no longer an option if you desire a remarkable candidate.  Remember, if you’re posting average job descriptions, you can expect average results.  Using your words to inspire and explain what you truly desire in a potential employee can provide you with a “perfect match.”

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