Does Your Organization Truly Value Its Employees?

employeeappreciationdayIf you’re one of those individuals who can wake up in the morning and truly LOVE your job, not because of the money, but because of the loyalty and happiness your company provides, then you’re truly blessed.  In today’s world especially, most would assume that if you’re employed then you might just be “sticking it out” regardless if you like your job or your boss, but that’s not necessarily true.

More and more people are actively ready to pack their things and move on if they feel their connection with the company’s corporate culture is lacking.

First and foremost, a manager can have a huge influence on whether or not an employee decides to stay with a company, especially if they’re unbearable.  Employees will sacrifice a good salary along with exceptional benefits just to gain a good manager. Usually, the last straw for a disgruntled employee is if they believe a manager doesn’t truly respect them or their work.  Communicating with an employee about where they’re headed in terms of growth within the company is imperative.  If a manager doesn’t make the extra effort to get to know his/her employee and promote growth, the employee ultimately feels unappreciated.

Balancing work and family life can be an incredibly difficult and challenging task.  An employee wants to acknowledge that their manager accepts that there will be instances where they will be needed outside the workplace.   According to an article in Small Business by Ruth Mayhew, workplace flexibility includes providing telecommuting options, compressed work weeks or flexible scheduling, job-sharing and generous parental leave policies.

Companies that offer sponsor focused events for their employees, such as social outings, employee-of-the-year banquets or all-expense-paid attendance for employees and their families at conferences value their employees’ need for recreation and camaraderie says Mayhew. Time away from the office with co-workers enables friendships and bonds to form, which creates for a better corporate culture.   Employees value and remain loyal to companies who show they’re appreciative of their continuous hard work.

A company that values and actively shows its employees how much they are needed is surprisingly more important than salary or even good benefits.  An unhappy employee won’t hesitate to describe how unsatisfied they are in their current position by finding better treatment with another company; so beware, if there’s any real animosity they might seek out a competitor.

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