How Is Your Body Language Being Perceived By Interviewers?

job-interviewWe convey messages through a variety of different ways other than speaking.  Our body language is a unique form of communication that some may think is trivial, but oddly enough, can be a very powerful form of communication. Research has revealed that body language can describe more about an individual than their words spoken.

The interview process has the potential of inflicting nervousness as well as anxiety on an individual; however, body language can also be used to exude self-assurance, dependability and passion. Candidates are so concerned and fixated on what they’re going to say next when they should be more focused on how the interviewer is reading their non-verbal cues.  Ultimately, if you let your nerves get the best of you and your body language reflects this, you might as well keep job hunting.

CareerBuilder has provided some tips to guide you through successfully displaying messages you want conveyed through body language.


  • Rub the back of your head or neck. Even if you really do just have a cramp in your neck, these gestures make you look disinterested.
  • Rub or touch your nose. This suggests that you’re not being completely honest, and it’s gross.
  • Sit with your armed folded across your chest. You’ll appear unfriendly and disengaged.
  • Cross your legs and idly shake one over the other. It’s distracting and shows how uncomfortable you are.
  • Lean your body towards the door. You’ll appear ready to make a mad dash for the door.
  • Slouch back in your seat. This will make you appear disinterested and unprepared.
  • Stare back blankly. This is a look people naturally adapt when they are trying to distance themselves.


  • Sit up straight, and lean slightly forward in your chair. In addition to projecting interest and engagement in the interaction, aligning your body’s position to that of the interviewer’s shows admiration and agreement.
  • Show your enthusiasm by keeping an interested expression. Nod and make positive gestures in moderation to avoid looking like a bobblehead.
  • Establish a comfortable amount of personal space between you and the interviewer. Invading personal space could make the interviewer feel uncomfortable and take the focus away from your conversation.
  • Limit your application of colognes and perfumes. Invading aromas can arouse allergies. Being the candidate that gave the interviewer a headache isn’t going to do anything in your favor.
  • If you have more than one person interviewing you at once, make sure you briefly address both people with your gaze and return your attention to the person who has asked you a question.
  • Interruptions can happen. If they do, refrain from staring at your interviewer while they address their immediate business and motion your willingness to leave if they need privacy.
  • Stand up and smile even if you are on a phone interview. Standing increases your level of alertness and allows you to become more engaged in the conversation.

Your body language is one of the most powerful forms of communication and could dictate your job hunting outcome.  Becoming self-aware of your body language skills can be the difference between landing a second interview instead of a “we’ll be in touch” response.

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