Are Employers Checking The References You Provided?


Is it likely for a job seeker to recover after providing a potential employer with a faulty reference?  Most likely not—which confirms that employers are not only looking for references on applications, but contacting them as well.

References are incredibly important and make a potential employer aware of what to expect when hiring you—in terms of your professionalism, work ethic or even how well you interacted with fellow co-workers.  These reasons alone make it crucial to ensure your references are not only listed on your application, but that they are also chosen wisely.

Normally, it’s quite common for a potential employer to seek three references displayed on an application. Listing less than three references can be frowned upon and it’s presumed that you didn’t have enough people speaking well on your behalf; remember, providing quality references is far more important than quantity.

Who makes for the best references?  Preferably, direct supervisors make the best references because they can accurately explain your current professional performance.  Obviously, if you’re still employed with your current job do not recommend that your next potential employer contact your direct supervisor.  Instead, refer them to a past supervisor or colleague.

The Ladders provided an article written by John O’Conner that lists topics that you should consider reviewing with your references before your next interview:

  • start and end dates of employment
  • the reason for leaving
  • salary
  • positional responsibilities and      achievements
  • work ethic
  • communication skills
  • team focus
  • promotions
  • willingness to rehire
  • general strengths and weaknesses

Providing an employer with faulty or uninformed references can be a fatal mistake and can cost you the position.  Your dedication of time and energy to provide suitable references will pay off in the long run.  When preparing for your next interview don’t fail to prepare and provide quality references.

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