Getting Back To Work for Stay-At-Home Moms Is A Struggle For More Than One Reason


Instead of waking up at 6:00 a.m. to fight traffic, many women choose to take on the challenges of staying home to raise their children instead. As challenging as this task is, what seems to be more intimidating for moms is re-entering the workforce after such a lengthy time away.  Stay-at-home moms are up against several obstacles when rejoining a workforce that has changed so dramatically in recent years.

Keep your mind and skills sharp

Facing the reality of having to stay home rather than go back to work is a sacrifice many women make and it comes at a price.  Because stay-at-home moms are absent from the workforce for a lengthy period of time, companies assume their skills are rusty or even non-existent.  To avoid being grouped in this category, update and perfect your resume, volunteer, involve yourself in project work and continue to stay active in your professional association.

Having the option to stay home and raise your children may be rewarding in more than one way.  You have the opportunity to explore different career options if you weren’t content in your prior position and taking this necessary time might allow you to venture into an entirely new direction.

Making the transition back to work can be tough.  Fox Business has provided a few helpful tips to make sure you’re successful when making the change. 

Talk business with current acquaintances.  Reacquaint yourself with other parents on a business level. “Say, ‘I’m looking for a role in X,’ and be clear in stating your objective,” recommends JJ DiGeronimo, VMWare’s director of global cloud solutions and founder of Purposeful Woman.

Rate your ability to meet/exceed expectations. If you write down specific objectives, “you’ll find 99% of the time you meet or exceed,” says Kathy Woods, senior partner at Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting.

Leverage Social Media. Post your work experience on various social and professional networking sites and join online discussions as a way to open up doors and establish professional relationships. “You can’t do this early enough,” says DiGeronimo.

Own your career “gap.” Don’t try to hide your time away from the workforce; explaining your absence will eliminate any ambiguity, says Woods.

Role-play your interviews. Practicing interview questions and why you have decided to come back to work will help you perform better and nail your key messages.

Recount parenting experience in a business-like manner. “Say ‘I’ve advanced my game,’ and provide specific examples,” says Woods. “Do not romanticize the experience.”

Keep current with your industry/former company. Stay in touch with your employer, coworkers and prior managers during your time away and follow what’s happening.

Get in touch with an employment specialist.  Contacting a staffing consultant can be very beneficial for your job search.  A staffing professional can make the transition that much easier by suggesting courses or certifications that make you a more desirable candidate for the position you’re seeking.

The role of a stay-at-home mom can be challenging, but re-entering the workforce can be downright terrifying.  Don’t let the joyous experience of having the opportunity to stay at home with your children affect future career opportunities—stay connected and involved.

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