Millennials – A Generation That Won’t Hesitate To Make A Change


The days of the 30-year career are becoming a thing of the past; starting and remaining at one company your entire working career is a very rare occurrence.  These days, it’s becoming quite common to see a diversified work history.  You can credit a struggling economy, as well as the millennial generation for this change.

Results from a 2012 Candidate Behavior Study, provided by CareerBuilder and Inavero, suggests that millennials will never hesitate to make a necessary change, even if it’s not really all that necessary.  Any excuse to “move on,” especially if there’s unhappiness in their professional life, is something a millennial will act on almost immediately.  According to this survey, 79% millennials are either searching for a new opportunity, or are open to the possibility of finding a new position, regardless of their current employment status.

The job search process for a millennial is a time-consuming and involved mission.  On average, this generation reports that their job search process takes 28 weeks and during this time they can check up to 15 resources to search for different prospects and research employers.

Millennial’s are a generation made up of extremely social individuals and are extremely vocal about their job search.  Both in person and through social media, 92% of millennials discuss their job search through these methods.

Employers are often quick to discard resumes of those applicants who aren’t local, but this survey suggests that 83% of millennials are willing to relocate for a position they truly desire, so employers should be open to considering those individuals.

A dream job is not always attainable, but for a millennial it doesn’t discourage them from searching for their ideal job.  Incredibly, only 23% of millennial workers are passionate and satisfied with their current career.  Don’t be surprised if a millennial sticks around for a very short period of time; the average duration they remain in one job is three years.

Whether it’s because of the state of the economy or a generational trait, the days of the 30-year career is becoming a distant memory.  Millennials are the generation that will dictate what the future holds.


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