The Future Numbers of Temporary Workers are Looking Up


As a result of the recent recession, employers have grown progressively dependent on temporary and contract workers.  This trend is likely to persist and can be accredited to supply and demand, says Ravin Jesuthasan, global head of talent management for Towers Watson.

According to Towers’ research, within the next ten years a severe labor shortage is expected to hit the United States.  Employers should expect to see talent as a rarity and wages will become increasingly competitive; resulting in highly talented individuals turning to temporary jobs.

“Initially, people thought this was just a phenomenon of the recession and uncertainty at that particular point,” Jesuthasan says. “With the labor shortage, talent is hard to find, and then what happens is as employees become hot commodities, we’re going to see a return to the movement in the ‘90s with the free agent employee.”

Jesuthasan continues by saying, temporary workers provide employers with more flexibility in terms of overseeing the employment relationship, and an employer can attract talent that typically would be non-existent.  Highly skilled talent may not be available to work on a full-time basis, but those workers would be available for project-based work that demands their professional skill set.

“If I’m a financial services company that’s building a new platform, the likelihood of me hiring full-time talent who might otherwise go to a Google, Yahoo or Microsoft is very small,” Jesuthasan says. “But with contractors, I could access world-class talent like that – not for a life time – but for six to nine months to finish a particular project.”

Another benefit to hiring temporary employees is they are less costly than full-time employees, Jethsuthansan adds.  A major expense like training can be avoided.  Therefore, it makes more sense to bring in temps who are prepared to work without requiring any training.

If you haven’t considered using a staffing company at your organization, now might be the time to build those relationships.

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