Good Customer Service Isn’t Just An Expectation In The Restaurant Industry; Recruiters Listen up!

poor-customer-serviceEveryone has experienced bad customer service in a restaurant at least once in their lifetime.  No one wants to waste their time or money on bad food or bad service.  Customers that visit restaurant establishments expect a good experience and if it’s non-existent, customers will be certain that the establishment not only understands their frustration, but realizes they will not be returning as well.

Recruiting works much in the same way – recruiters have an obligation to provide excellent customer service to their candidates.  Time is of the essence, and some recruiters don’t have time to reply to every candidate that applies; but, candidates are frustrated with being ignored and the lack of common courtesy.

There is that old saying that “misery loves company” and sharing bad experiences are far more prevalent than sharing positive ones – especially in this day and age of social media!  It’s imperative for recruiters to be aware that those who have been ignored, deemed unqualified and treated badly will never forget the overall negative experience.  A disappointed candidate not only refuses to forget his/her encounter, they also share their inexcusable incident with friends, family members, and even strangers. The word is out, the problem has now exacerbated, and the loss a recruiter will experience will not be just one disgruntled candidate, but everyone within earshot will know of their disapproval.

The most disturbing and worrisome fact that recruiters need to take into account, is realizing those candidates that left you will go to your competitor- guaranteed.  Therefore, the next time you consider not returning a candidates email or phone call, make sure you’re prepared for the repercussions.  Even if what you’re selling is more appealing, it’s not as appealing as exceptional customer service.

Many of us look to a waiter and expect them to serve us with not only a quality meal, but also a quality dining experience – in other words impeccable customer service.  Candidates look to recruiters for the same thing and when they are refused a quality experience they go elsewhere.  So recruiters, reconsider the next time you put a candidate on the “back burner.” You may be sacrificing more than just one “unsatisfied customer.”

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