How Recruiters Decline Candidates…Sometimes.

Waiting for his call

For job seekers, not receiving that job offer is disconcerting and some recruiters would rather keep it to themselves than relay the bad news.  Avoiding this issue initially seems to be a natural instinct for some recruiters, but unfortunately, their inbox might start to show an influx of angry emails along with incessant phone calls from frustrated candidates.  In a good job market this would be a difficult task to tackle for recruiters, but in a suffering economy it makes the job that more difficult to execute.

One of the biggest mistakes employers and recruiters make after going through the selection process is not informing job applicants that they didn’t make the cut.  This continues to be a major compliant amongst candidates especially after they have been invited to interview in person.

When a recruiter informs a candidate that they have not been chosen for the particular position, some applicants are actually appreciative of the recruiter’s response and honesty.  The idea is to provide closure for candidates so they no longer waste their time and yours focusing on a position that went to another applicant-their focus can now be turned back toward their job search.  And who knows, that candidate could potentially be the right person for a position needing to be filled in the future, so make sure to avoid “burning any bridges” and let the candidate know.

The sooner a recruiter provides notification the better.  If time does not allow you to pick up the phone, send the applicant a quick email regretfully informing them of the situation.  Whether contacting a candidate by phone or email, be sure your message is clear and concise; conveying sensitivity throughout the conversation is also crucial and much appreciated.

Not receiving a job offer is disheartening, but to be uninformed about your current stance with a potential employer is nerve-racking and frankly, unacceptable.   Recruiters have an obligation to inform candidates of their potential job status even if they’re on the receiving end of an unhappy applicant.  All in all, your work life will be much easier and interrupted far less if your candidates know where they stand in the hiring process.

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