Can Hiring The Unemployed Be Risky Business?

0314_unemployedToday, it’s a common occurrence for employers to encounter applicants who are unemployed and seeking work.  Currently, employed job applicants are actually preferred among some employers rather than unemployed applicants.  In fact, reports show that some employers have gone as far as to include restrictions in job ads stating that unemployed candidates will not be considered.  A survey reported in Forbes revealed, 44 % of recruiters questioned inferred that placing a candidate that had been unemployed for two years was the most challenging candidate to place; more challenging than a candidate with a criminal record, even.  This seems to be a little unfair considering today’s environment of high unemployment, or is it?

Hold off on raising that red flag for those who are unemployed, because today people are struggling for economic reasons rather than performance based. Years ago in the pre-recession times with low unemployment, gaps in time on a resume were considered a lack of drive and motivation.  Unfortunately, the reality is a significant number of the unemployed are highly skilled and qualified candidates who would have been employed during stronger economic times.

Employers used to avoid hiring staff that had been laid-off because they were considered the weakest performers, but today many talented individuals have been targeted.  Companies are forced to inevitably make staff cuts due to loss of liquidity, lack of customer demand, and a restricted financial climate.  People have decided to venture out and start their own businesses in order to achieve professional success.

Many employers assume unemployed workers’ skills are out of date and as a result they have fallen behind; this is not necessarily true because many of them will be utilizing their free time to develop and improve their skills.  Luckily, there are a variety of resources available on the internet to become knowledgeable or develop skills in specific areas, which may be of use to the business of interest or to simply learn new skills.  It’s an outdated belief to think that the unemployed are remaining stagnant during their struggles.  Instead, being proactive with their search as well as remaining “sharp” skill wise is considered the norm for those who are unemployed.

The unemployed receive a “bad rap” from time to time from prospective employers, but there shouldn’t be an incredible amount of negativity surrounding the reasons of their unemployment because of the recession. The search to find a job is so difficult that people are trying to better themselves in order to ensure they’re prepared when the right position becomes available, but if employers never present the opportunity to those who are currently unemployed they will never have the chance to see the potential in the individual they refuse to interview.

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