Can bad credit keep you from getting your dream job?

credit score

When interviewing for a job it’s important to take a second look at your resume and cover letter to ensure it is flawless and try on several outfits to make sure that your first impression will exceed any other potential candidate, but there might be more to consider than just a well written resume and perfectly tailored suit.

However, according to Michael Germanovsky, Editor-in-Chief at, your credit rating should definitely be on your mind if you want to get hired.

Your credit score could limit your eligibility for the job you are seeking.  If the position you’re interested in works with money or jewelry, in a bank or finance related field, or high-end merchandise, you can anticipate employers running a credit check along with a background check.

Your credit rating is a reflection of how you handle responsibility and how well you manage your personal finances.  If you have no sense of how to manage your finances within your personal life, how can you be trusted with company funds?

Employers are usually seeking a credit score of 750 or better when considering a candidate for employment. Many people assume potential employers are looking to have a “gotcha” moment, but when they reach the credit check point within the top chosen applicant’s process, they are genuinely hoping their applicant’s credit score is at least 750. has provided five practical ways you can recover from a bad credit score:

  1. Narrow down your debtors
  2. Sort out your payments
  3. Spend less on credit cards, and use cash when you can
  4. Pay extra each month on your credit cards
  5. Dispute any negative information on your credit reports

When preparing for your next job interview, worry less about what color shoes look best with your navy suit and focus your attention towards your credit score.  Employers today are not as interested in a “fashionista” as they are responsible and qualified individual.  Make sure that checking your credit score is at the top of your list before your next interview.

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