Do Americans work as hard as their grandparents once did?

lazy americanAmerica is a place where we take great pride in the way we live and work, but can we still take pride in this or have we become lazy? Some remember sitting on their grandfathers’ lap as children listening intently to stories told of blood, sweat, and tears that went into all the hard work and arduous labor just to make enough money to be comfortable. They knew the value of hard work and never accepted a handout when they knew they were fully capable of getting the job done on their own accord. Today, some Americans have a skewed view of what hard work really is and how much our grandparents sacrificed to make sure we knew the importance of a dollar. Are Americans living in a world where handouts and laziness are not embarrassing and have become an acceptable way of life?

Marketplace Economy provides information about John Stossel doing a Fox News special called “Out of Work,” where he explaines that there are many jobs available in the United States, but Americans aren’t willing to accept them. He points the finger of blame on our government who is far too generous. “We’ve taught people that in some cases it’s easier to be dependent, and you’re a sucker if you pound the pavement and work at one of those tough minimum wage jobs,” Stossel reveals. Stossel isn’t the only one that feels strongly on this matter, in fact, in the MSN Money article, “Are American workers getting lazy?” writer Anthony Mirhaydari suggests that, “many qualified workers seem to be turning up their noses at jobs they see as demeaning, or that don’t pay what they need, and they are deciding instead to leave the workforce, trying to strike out on their own or retire.”

Those who are fully committed to their job and actually dedicate a sufficient amount of time and energy end up more satisfied in life. According to, 91% of people who “live to work” say they are fully committed to their work, compared to 65% among those who “work to live.” It makes sense that 80% of the “live to work” respondents claim to be personally fulfilled from their work.

Americans need to start sacrificing more in order to better themselves. Unfortunately, we now live in a new nation where it’s acceptable to turn down work if the opportunity is beneath you. It seems like such a distant memory, but we need to recall how past generations provided us with a nation that was built on hard work and perseverance. It’s so important for us to keep not only their legacy alive, but also the memory of all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making this country great. It’s time for us as Americans to stand up, get off the couch, and get the job done.

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