What does the future hold for Temporary Staffing?

As the year comes to an end, what can we expect for temporary staffing in 2013? SIA believes the temporary staffing market will exceed its historical high next year. Tony Gregoire, Senior Research Analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts explains, “Although the overall economy has recovered tepidly, the staffing industry has recovered robustly.”

SIA survey and forecasts predict that temp hires throughout all industries will reach 106% of their historical high during 2013. There are some that will surpass their historical peaks in 2013: industrial, information technology, physician staffing, engineering, clinical/scientific, and marketing.  Hopefully, there will be a significant number of workers ready to fill these temporary positions.   When taking a glance at the chart provided by SIA, it’s apparent that IT and Engineering professionals will be thrilled with the predicted year-over-year results.

Unfortunately, SIA did forecast some temporary markets to be on the decline in 2013 in comparison to their success in the past: office/clerical, travel nurse, per diem nurse, allied healthcare, finance/accounting, and legal. When referencing the chart, the two groups of nurses are currently, and will continue to be at levels less than 80% of their peak in 2008.

Entering into the New Year means new beginnings and fresh starts.  When the countdown starts you envision the possibilities of your future, whether it be personal or professional.  SIA has helped ease our minds and provided the possibility of entering the New Year with one less worrisome thought.  Even though the economy continues to struggle, temporary staffing has shown we can rise up, dust ourselves off and recover.

staffing industry recovery by sector

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