Like it or not, Millennials continue to move in

iphone-texting1-286x300Everyone has a different opinion about each generation, but when it comes to millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, the reaction is not always positive. Parents of this particular group lead their children to believe that they would never be criticized or deal with disappointment. They are a generation that was awarded a trophy just for participating. What happened to being rewarded because of your talent and dedication?

Today, the group of individuals that make up Generation Y have grown up, and are walking the halls of different companies with the same privileged attitudes they had 10 years ago. Many members of this generation have the mindset that showing up for work on time and being somewhat productive means a promotion or raise is right around the corner. Should employers prepare and groom these individuals differently than others?

Patience is not something they are accustomed to and do not respond well when waiting to be informed. Millenials have received answers regarding absolutely anything instantly. With the click of a mouse they are offered an abundance of information and answers. Within the work force they have to be treated in a similar manner where instead of receiving feedback once a year, they will need constant check-ins with their supervisor.

Change is inevitable and must be embraced, but for some, like millennials, start thinking about change even before they get settled. A recent article by  in TIME-Business and Money, Gen Y employees aren’t looking for companies wanting to retain workers for 30 years. Gen Y workers will instead hold at least seven jobs in their lifetime, and 60% of millennial employees in one survey recognized their current positions as mere stepping-stones. They were raised with options, and they expect their jobs and work environments to also be filled with alternatives.

For this generation everything was easily accessible and transformed to fit their needs. They were raised playing video games with characters that were created to their likeness. Which book should they read next year? No need to go make the purchase from Barnes and Noble, Amazon will let them know exactly what to choose based on their previous selections. Facebook pages are customized exactly to their liking and are catered to their interests. As a result they require, even in the workplace to be treated as rare and unique.

Cutting this generation some slack is necessary because they have a significant number of strengths. Employers need to be ready to utilize these strengths in order to guide them when training. Employers of course still need to remain firm in the direction and work ethic expected from their Gen Y employees.

Millennials will continue to move into the workplace, and like it or not, they will be filling the empty seats of those who retire.

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