The Ultimate Temp Job

santa walletMany believe that being Santa is one tough task, but some men consider this to be the ultimate temp job.

Santa’s considered one hot commodity to not only children, but according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, he’s pretty popular at our local shopping malls where he can pull in an impressive $8,000-$12,000 during the holiday season.  As bizarre as it may seem, many places start looking to fill these much needed Santa positions as early as July to ensure they will be hired and trained in time for the holidays.

Playing the role of Santa can be one of the best seasonal holiday jobs as well as very rewarding in more than one way. Stepping into that ruby red suit and strapping on a flowing white beard definitely has its perks; this job can pay $100 an hour according to Careercast! Those individuals who are lucky enough to work the corporate or holiday circuit can potentially make a few thousand dollars for each appearance.

The disadvantage to being Ole’ Saint Nick is the lack of opportunity to grow or advance in this particular role.  Unfortunately, this is a temp job that has absolutely no chance in going permanent.

Working as Santa is the ultimate feel-good employment opportunity. However, all those wanting the chance to convincingly fill those boots need to remember the true meaning of Christmas. The gifts you receive in return will not only mean more green for your wallet, but also creating meaningful childhood memories.


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