Must-Have Characteristics for Your 2013 Job Search

As competition continues and the economy remains uncertain, employers have high expectations for new hires.  To increase your chances of standing out amid hundreds of candidates and making it through employer screening, emphasize and hone these characteristics.  They’ll help you both on and off the job!

1.  Achiever.  Make sure you’re the kind of person who stays focused in order to get things done.  The more quality work you can produce in a given time, the more valuable you are!  If you enjoy the sense of achievement you get from accomplishing goals or quickly checking things off your to-do list, harness this trait in the workplace and you’ll be seen as a very valuable asset among the many who do only enough to get by.  If you currently done have a job, look for ways to emphasize this trait during an interview, by discussing past achievements and productivity at work or at home.

2. Adapter.  The nature of jobs is constantly changing thanks to technology, but add to that an economy and workforce in transition, and you get companies that must quickly change again and again to accommodate consumers.  That means employers are looking for employees who are flexible and adaptable.  Do you do things to continuously improve your skills and learn new things?  Maybe you take classes or read the latest industry books?  Point this out in an interview and resume.

3. Communicator.  Because so much of business is no longer conducted in person, but rather online or over the phone at best, the need to express yourself in a friendly and clear manner is even more important.  What better way to do this than through an engaging yet concise cover letter and a confident interview?

4. An online brand.  Be online – but be online professionally.  Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etcetera to portray yourself in a way that is true to your personality but also something you would be proud to show any potential employer.  Hiring managers will certainly be googling your name before they hire you.  So be the face they want to hire.

Granted, these characteristics are nothing new and have always been desirable, but in the current hiring environment it is especially crucial to demonstrate them!

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