How to present to executives

Top executives in your company can make tough audiences.  They’re extremely busy and difficult to pin down, and when you do you better have something interesting to tell them.  But there are some things you can do to grab their attention – and their respect.  When presenting to higher-ups in your company, take these tips to use this valuable face-time to help your co-workers and your career.

1. Executive brief.  Always summarize what you’re going to tell them – the point of the presentation – right away in a few short bullet points before you proceed with more detail.

2. Stick to the topic.  Were you asked to present on a specific topic?  Get to that topic straight away.

3. Practice.  Talk through your slides with a co-worker and ask for feedback.  Did your intended message come across clearly, succinctly, and convincingly?  If not, revise your slides and practice again.

Think of presenting as an opportunity.  If you have an impact on your audience, they’re remember you and can open doors for you down the road.

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