Didn’t hear back after applying for a job? A few possible reasons why:

It isn’t uncommon, unfortunately, for job seekers to apply for a job and never hear anything.  Even the most qualified candidates sometimes just don’t hear back.  You may just accept this fact as part of the process and not give it a second thought.  Or – especially if you were particularly excited about a certain job – you may obsess over what went wrong.

From our experience in staffing, we can tell you what we see again and again that causes a candidate to not hear back.

1. You aren’t qualified.  Let’s rule out the most obvious reasons.  Don’t be afraid to apply to positions you feel will challenge you and help you grow – but make sure your strengths fit the job description and make sure you clearly communicate that you’re a fit.

2. Your resume isn’t formatted correctly.  When you submit your resume, especially if you copy and past it into an online application, take the time to correct the formatting issues that come from copying and pasting.  If your resume is a jumbled mess, with lines all running together, and a company receives hundreds (even thousands) of applications, they’re just not going to take much time to decipher your qualifications amid the mess.

3. You didn’t keyword-optimize your resume.  Sometimes, a company receives so many resumes it relies on a computer to sort out the best candidates based on keywords.  Make sure you use keywords in your resume that match those in the job description.

4. Your resume doesn’t match your LinkedIn or other online profile.  If your resume catches the employer’s eye, the next steps will include a Google search of your name.  If your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio contradict your resume, it may look fishy to the employer and cause her to pass over you for another candidate.

5. You applied too late.  Sometimes the employer has already identified the person he wants to hire before he takes down the job description.  Be on top of your game and apply as soon as you see the position posted for a better chance of being considered.

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