Work getting you down? Here are some tips on how to beat work stress.

No matter your job, it’s hard to escape stress at the work place.  Of course you can’t completely eliminate stress from your day-to-day, but there are several methods to help contain it and make it more manageable.

Commit yourself to having a healthy work-life balance. There were times when the boundaries between work life and home life were concrete, without overlap. Today, this is becoming less of a reality as employees are constantly connected and married to their work. Make time for you. Whether this means turning off your smart phone at night or simply spending time with family and friends, plan your day accordingly to reserve this down time. It will help to reenergize and refresh your outlook.

Make a to-do list. Although it may seem overwhelming to create a list of the all the assignments, projects, and initiatives that you have on your plate, it helps bring order and force you to prioritize your tasks. Once an item is completed, it gives you a mental boost to cross it off your list and shows a physical sense of accomplishment.

Hit the gym. It has been found that employees who exercise before or during their work day have increased time management skills, increased mental sharpness, and most importantly less stress within their lives. The benefits of exercise go further than just results you see in your bathroom mirror – Endorphins and Serotonin are chemicals released in your brain during exercise to enhance mood and combat stress.

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