Are some of your unanswered questions keeping you from using a staffing firm?

If you’ve never worked with a staffing firm, you might be missing out on the benefits such a relationship can provide to enhance your career.  Maybe you’ve just never thought about it, or maybe you have a few reservations.  Here are a couple of common misconceptions about staffing firms that, once corrected, might change your mind.

“I don’t want to pay a fee to a recruiter if I get the job.”

The recruited employee is NOT responsible for paying a fee; this is handled directly by the client filling the position.  The client pays the staffing firm to find top talent to suit their needs in a time efficient manner.

“I’m interested in more than just a temporary position.”

Staffing firms place employees into varying lengths of assignment and into different types of engagements.  Although these firms can fill contract work for short assignments, temporary to permanent employment and full-time employment positions may also be available directly with the client.

“A staffing firm can’t do anything for me that I can’t do for myself.”

Submitting your resume directly to a company’s website, or posting it to a job board isn’t everything.  A recruiter can help navigate what positions may be best suited to you and your experience level.  A staffing firm most likely has direct relationships with the client and visibility into opportunities that may not be posted.

Hopefully, this has brought to light that staffing firms are valuable resources to job seekers and may be an option well worth exploring. It just may land you that dream job that’s a custom fit for you!

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