Is Job-Hopping a Dated Stigma?

You were always warned to beware of job hopping – and recruiters used to look for years spent with a single company as a sign of loyalty on their candidates’ resumes.

But today, and depending on the industry, that method just doesn’t make sense.  Due to the increasingly mobile nature of workers and temporary nature of jobs, it isn’t uncommon for a top performer to spend a year or two at a company and move on, gathering varied experience for his portfolio.

We should still be looking for signs of loyalty, but perhaps not just at the number of years a candidate worked for one company.  For example, if the entire resume shows ten years of job hopping, with the candidate going through several employers per year, every year, that is a red flag.  But what if the worker is a contractor who enjoys the variety of short-term, yet challenging projects and has excellent recommendations from his employers?

What was the worker’s performance at each of these jobs?  And what were his reasons for job hopping?  Was he just trying to climb the corporate ladder more quickly, or was he making strategic, experience-driven moves to hone in on his niche?

The bottom line is, candidate loyalty is no longer as black and white as it used to be, and to forget this is to miss out on some great candidates.  Today recruiters may just need to dig a little deeper for the full story.

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