Not having any luck getting an interview? Could one of these things be holding you back?

If you believe you’ve got what it takes, but you’re noticing a pattern of rejection when it comes to job searching, don’t worry – you’re not alone.  And it doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes, not at all.  But it does mean you need to take a close look at your strategy rather than continue in the same rut.

There could be lots of factors, but for now we’ll present a few. If you recognize yourself in any of them, then you may have just landed on a way to improve your job search!

1. You haven’t done your homework!  Really.  Interviewers expect you to know at least the names of a few people who work for the organization, be familiar with recent projects, and have some idea of the culture of the organization and why you’re a fit.  Be armed with questions.

2. You haven’t managed that fine line between being persistent and being obnoxious.  When speaking to gatekeepers, it pays to be persistent while being polite, but if you don’t pick up on subtle (or not so subtle) clues that the answer to your request for a phone number or conversation with the hiring manager is “no,” you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

3. You’re too nervous.  We know – easier said than done, to be calm and collected when you’re making a call about a job!  It’s okay, even charming sometimes, to be a little nervous.  But if you’re so nervous you’re not able to clearly articulate your thoughts, try letting it go.  Tell yourself you have nothing to lose. Do what you need to do to relax enough to make an effective phone call.

Do you have any advice of your own about job searching, that you learned through trial and error? Leave a comment!

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