Out-of-the-Box Networking Opportunities

Face-to-face networking beats online job searches any day.  But networking events can feel contrived and, let’s face it, sometimes less than exciting.  Here are a few more creative ways to network, while actually enjoying yourself.  You may meet someone who can help you get a job, and you may also make some new friends.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone.  Forgo the panel or networking event for an activity you really enjoy.  Is there a new hobby you’ve been wanting to explore?  Join a running club, sign up for golfing lessons, or take a cooking class.  You’ll be doing something you enjoy, meet people with common interests, and make genuine connections – that may very likely lead to a job.

Attend Expensive Charity Events (for Free).  Charity events are great for meeting the right people and networking. Unfortunately, they also cost a lot to attend.  While they’re often well worth the price, you can get in for free by volunteering.  You can work the event and simultaneously work the room.

Find Their Haunts.  Those people you want to work with?  Whether it’s a particular company, department, or agency; a professional title; or an industry – they all have a favorite place (or places) to hang out.  Discover where that place is, and make it your own new place to hangout.  Your face will become familiar, and you may even strike up a conversation. It’ll help you establish yourself as one of them, and at the very least give you an opportunity to meet people you’d want to work with.

Where have you found unexpected networking opportunities? Did those opportunities lead to a job?

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