Social Tools for Recruiting Top Candidates

Top talent is driven by more than a steady income.  They want fulfilling work they can own, while also being a part of something bigger.  While LinkedIn is currently serving as a recruitment tool for many recruiters, there are other (and in some ways, better) online platforms for recruiting the very top talent.  Let’s discuss a few.


Recruitment is about creating relationships, and Facebook is the largest networking tool available, consisting of over 800 million registered users (50% of whom log in daily).  In fact, 33% of jobs last year were found on Facebook.

How to go about it: Visit niche community pages.  As questions and engage members.  You may just find your perfect candidate.


Quora is a lesser known platform, yet can be highly affective at not only collaborating on a wide variety of questions and answers but also finding knowledgeable candidates in the industry of your choice

How to go about it:  Just do a search on a topic relevant to the job description you’re trying to place.  Answers are ranked in order of quality, and link back to their source (and your potential candidate).


Largely known as a social network for industry colleagues (versus the more personal Facebook), Twitter is an excellent “roadmap” to candidates (one computer programmer is likely to follow and be followed by other computer programmers).

How to go about it:  Use Twitter to build a brand for yourself as a recruiter.  In other words, let your personality show through your tweets while being professional and consistent with your content.  You’ll have followers in no time, who can help spread the word about jobs you post by retweeting them.  Don’t just follow other recruiters, but also people in the industries you recruit for.  You’ll learn more about the industries and get to know potential candidates.


Though it hasn’t quite caught on the way Google expected, people who use Google+ are likely to be what we call “early adopters,” or curious, motivated people who make excellent employees – especially in the tech industry (and what job today doesn’t require those skills?).

How to go about it: Test the waters.  Create an account and do a search for people in industries you recruit for.  Join their circles and see what they have to say.


Someone who blogs regularly – especially on a topic relevant to the job you recruit for – demonstrates commitment and connectedness.

How to use them:  Again, search for blogs related to the industries you recruit in.  Take the time to see what the bloggers are saying, and if their knowledge will translate to the position you need to fill.  Take the time to leave a comment.  They’ll appreciate it and you’ll create a connection, which may eventually lead to a placement – of the blogger, or someone from his or her commenter community.

Next time you’re looking for a top-notch candidate, look beyond LinkedIn and dig a little deeper.  That little extra effort to find talent and make connections will pay off in surprising ways.

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