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Job Hoppers, the Unemployed, and Other Victims of Resume Myths

Sometimes we get so entrenched in the way we’ve been doing things for years that we don’t pause to consider whether our method even makes sense anymore.  But we should. A recent Evolv Analytics study applies hard data behind a few long-accepted beliefs about who makes a good job candidate, and who doesn’t. It isn’t that these […]

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Goodbye to Personal Cubicles?

Are you the sort of person who needs a defined office space, with cute framed photos, plants, and an organized pencil drawer and filing system? Those types of spaces are becoming increasingly rare in the workplace. While the corner office used to be the coveted spot, now even upper management and executives find themselves working […]

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Out-of-the-Box Networking Opportunities

Face-to-face networking beats online job searches any day.  But networking events can feel contrived and, let’s face it, sometimes less than exciting.  Here are a few more creative ways to network, while actually enjoying yourself.  You may meet someone who can help you get a job, and you may also make some new friends. Kill […]

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How to Successfully Onboard New Hires

Onboarding – a crucial yet often overlooked process that can set new employees up for success, or not.

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Social Tools for Recruiting Top Candidates

Top talent is driven by more than a steady income.  They want fulfilling work they can own, while also being a part of something bigger.  While LinkedIn is currently serving as a recruitment tool for many recruiters, there are other (and in some ways, better) online platforms for recruiting the very top talent.  Let’s discuss […]

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Job “Creation”

We know politicians would love to create jobs, but they cannot deliver on their promise in an immediate and sustainable fashion.  No one can create jobs.  Jobs evolve out of need. And need comes from ingenuity.  Politicians could sit at their desks and play on Facebook for their entire terms and jobs would still be […]

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