The Skills Gap is a Growing Concern

This month, McKinsey & Company reported on what staffing companies and others have been noticing for quite some time – the widening gap between the skills companies demand and the skills workers possess.

(If you’re interested in TRC’s take, you can read a couple of very insightful blog posts by our leadership here and here.)

The report says that in 2011 when US unemployment exceeded 9%, an MGI survey found 30% of US companies with positions that had been open for more than 6 months.  The companies simply couldn’t find the people to fill them.

But this isn’t just a national problem.  In Japan, 80% of companies reported such gaps.  Developed countries around the world are experiencing such problems.   Clearly, this is a global issue.

The report continues by addressing several other trends with a huge effect on our workforce, here and abroad.  Between new technologies which seem to be advancing exponentially, and thus changing our lives quickly, we should expect such changes to the nature of jobs.

The important thing is that we’re thinking about solutions.  You can find the full report here.

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    In the technical sector, the skills gap is becoming a main issue. In an era of high unemployment, workers cannot afford to be left behind because of lack of skills.

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