Leverage a good interview beyond that particular job.

Have you ever gone through an interview you thought went very well, only to a)not get the job (candidates) or b)select a different candidate for the job (recruiters)?  These interviews can be the hardest for candidates because their expectations were high, and not getting a job offer catches them off guard.  Unfortunately, the relationship often ends there, with candidate and hiring manager/recruiter going their separate ways.

But it doesn’t have to end that way, and here’s why.

1. Often, a great candidate who was passed over assumes the hiring manager didn’t think he or she was a fit, and so moves on from the company indefinitely.  Likewise, the hiring manager may assume that since the candidate didn’t receive a job offer, he or she is no longer interested in any other positions within the company.

Instead, if you think the interview went well, here’s what you should do.  Candidates, make sure to follow up and express your (genuine) interest in the company and any future positions that may open up.  And recruiters, if you liked the candidate, make sure to express that and explain your (sincere) interest in having them back in the future.

2. Sometimes, the recruiter makes the wrong choice between candidates.  When that happens, it normally becomes apparent pretty quickly and the chosen candidate must be replaced.  If doors have been left open, a recruiter might feel okay about reaching to the other candidate and giving him or her the opportunity – and that person might turn out to be the perfect fit!

The point is, if you both thought the interview went well, stay in touch.  If you were surprised you didn’t get the job, there might be a very good reason for your surprise (don’t assume the interview didn’t go well!).  Persistence absolutely pays off in the long run.

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