The Rise of Tablets in the Workplace

It used to that the Blackberry was the symbol of on-the-go technology in the business world.  Then, as Apple began creeping from creative environments into the business side, people began to favor the iPhone for its applications, many of which make life easier for busy, on-the-move people.

Now it seems that another Apple product has begun to crossover from the consumer world into the workplace.  New NPD In-Stat research shows the most common uses of tablets are email and calendar management, note-taking, and presentations, as well as customer relationship management and IT network intelligence.

What makes the tablet so popular, and why does it work for business?  First of all, the tablet makes technology simple.  Therefore, it appeals to a wider market than just the young, technologically savvy (plenty of grandparents and small children are receiving tablets as gifts – and using them with ease).  Second, it’s the perfect size for on-the-go business people: small enough to pass around in a presentation, yet large enough to show and do work.  Finally, there’re an infinite number of business applications downloadable to the iPad that enable us to do our jobs with greater ease and efficiency.

Another finding from the survey:  most users are bringing their own tablets into the workplace. Only 22% of owners had their tablets paid for by their companies.

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